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WHFA Saves You MoneyWHFA saves you money

  • Whether you are a medical provider or a patient, WHFA saves you money.

  • If you are a provider, WHFA, through its PPO Network, offers incentives to the members to use your services. This affords you a broader client base and assures prompt payment of claims.

  • If you are a patient, WHFA offers you the savings of using our PPO Network of quality medical providers, giving you the best possible service at a reduced rate. Use our Provider Search tool to find just the right service provider for you or a member of your family.



WHFA Saves You TimeWHFA saves you time

  • WHFA also saves you time. When you are in need of the right doctor, hospital, surgeon, or specialist. Find just the right provider now by using our Provider Search. This gives you the Providers details of all that participate in our network... such as their specialty, phone number, state, city, address, zipcode, and even a map to their primary practice address.

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Currently, we cover 6,000+ lives. If you are a medical provider, and would like to join the WHFA PPO Network, fill in our short information form by clicking here.
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From December 1980 to September 1998, health care costs increased nearly 2 times as much as other benefit costs, and more than 3 times the pace of wages and salaries. The rate of increase was not constant, however. Health insurance costs accelerated steadily from 1981-84, rose at a slower rate from 1985-87, increased rapidly again from 1988-92, and steadily declined since then.
source: US Department of Labor; Bureau of Labor Statistics